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"WTEmo.Posting" is a unique and excellent web program for those in the international trading field. This web program is one of our excellent component in "WTE.SmartBizOnline"

This is the viewer for "WTEmo.Posting". On the upper left side, you can find all listed offers. Please click on one of them. Then you can modify or delete your posted offer and even add new ones. On the lower left side is your company's contact information. You can edit your information in this area. On the right side of the screen, you can find all listed websites and posting status. Please click on one of them. (CHECK) Then your posted offer will appear in the pop up window, except for some websites which will take some time to load your offer.

Sometimes, some websites may not appear on the screen. If that happens, it is because these websites have changed their posting requiremenst or format. Each website can change its posting requirement or format without any notice. Of course, we do our level best to check and update ourselves so that these trading websites are included back in our WTEmo.Posting list.

Currently, the number of websites registered is over 50. But we will keep updating until we reach about 300 websites.

If some websites are not shown or if you have any trading website to recommend, please don't hesitate to contact us at enquiry@wtexpo.com.

Hope you would be able to successfully develop your overseas business through WTExpo.com
As you well know, there are a lot of trading websites in the world. However, you do not know all of them; you know just some. And you have to visit each website in order to post an offer (trade lead). How difficult and troublesome it used to be! In "WTEmo.Posting" your trade offers can reach thousands of customers in a short time. This "WTEmo.Posting" web system will make your business successful.

Let us introduce to you One-stop Online Export Marketing Solution"WTE Gold Membership".

Of course, some websites are already providing this multi-posting service. But their services are limited to posting offers to those trading websites, which do not require ID and password. Our "WTEmo.Posting" was developed for users' convenience. If a trading website requires ID and password, you can still can post your offer/trade lead by using WTEmo.Posting

How to Start
"WTEmo.Posting" is a unique and excellent web program under "WTE.SmartBizOnline"

"WTEmo.Posting" is allowed only to paid members. To start using "WTEmo.Posting" and many other powerful services within WTExpo.com please upgrade your membership now.Our powerful SmartBizOnline tools include : WTEww.Buyers, WTEib.Search, WTEsm.Mobile, WTEmo.Posting, WTEse.Robot, WTEpo.2buyers, WTEe.Ctlg, WTEdw.Builder, WTEbw.Constructor, WTEfw.Creator

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